Reward the best 

There is no better way to ensure loyalty and recognize the performance of your top customers and employees by rewarding them with travel experiences that they might not do on their own!  What about helicoptering in to the Monaco Grand Prix, chartering a luxury yacht in the Caribbean or a gracious barge canal cruise in Southern Burgundy, navigating the coast in Ferraris in Southern Italy, sport fishing while camping in sumptuous tents in Montana, Cycling the Mendoza Wine region, taking over a fully-staffed private island retreat, taking in the Big Five on Safari in Africa, or getting up close and personal with the pros at the Masters in Augusta? 

Laura on last year's Tuscany by Ferrari corporate trip 

Laura on last year's Tuscany by Ferrari corporate trip 

Resort to Laura Madrid oversees every detail of your program: identifying just the right “wow” experience, contract negotiation, marketing, teasers, attendee registration, personalized handling of attendee special request, and tours & activities. We liaise between our suppliers and clients, creating a seamless and winning environment for all stakeholders and treat each attendee as if they are the VIP guest. 

We specialize in groups from 2-100 guests.  Our philosophy is that with small groups we have access to experiences that are beyond the reach of the masses and off the beaten path.  We believe that people feel especially rewarded when they are one of a few. If you are considering rewarding 100 people with a great experience, you might consider taking just 30 and using your entire budget to make it an over-the-top experience that everyone will covet and truly remember for a life time. 

Read through some of our customer testimonials from a recent corporate adventure to South Africa:

Great trip, great job pulling it all together. I have been on the point for a few of these for work and countless personal trips and hats off to you, you really nailed it!
— Tom F.
I know that our host paid for the trip but it was you and your team that made it “the” best trip we’ve ever been on, and I don’t know how it could have been any better. Our thanks go out to you and KC.
— Bob W.
Thanks so much to you and Celeste for planning an amazing once in a lifetime trip. We could not have had a better time, or a more memorable experience. You thought of everything! Thanks especially for making Vickie’s birthday so much fun. Pretty sure I will never top it!
— Scott H.
You and your team are amazing. We are excited for our upcoming journey. And we can’t wait for the opportunity to work with Laura Madrid team on a future adventure!
— Christopher M.