menu of services and pricing

Resort to Laura Madrid fees include professional travel advice, firsthand recommendations, and personal opinions from travel advisors who have been there! Our time is spent researching, planning, and leveraging our worldwide travel contacts in order to provide you with an exceptional travel experience from start to finish.  

trip consultation fee - $500

This per trip fee includes research, expertise, global network of contacts, planning, quote preparation, and is a non-refundable fee charged in advance of consultation. If you would like to proceed with our proposed itinerary, that is when we work our magic in taking care of all your reservations and ensuring our partners in the hotels and on the ground provide the very best in accommodations and service available. In addition to booking your primary itinerary, we offer ancillary services from securing the best restaurants, theatre tickets, and guides. No detail, from spa services to babysitting, is too small.

Fees start at $300 but can increase with more complicated itineraries, multiple destinations, or for larger groups/events. Trip consultation fee does not include flight ticketing.

annual retainer - $1,000

This is our most popular option as our clients prefer to contact us for all of their needs and find that this nominal annual fee more than pays for itself with our personalized service and plethora of value-adds. You receive dedicated travel advisory services including unlimited access to Resort to Laura Madrid expertise, planning, research, concierge and booking services. All service fees and plan-to-go-fees waived. Annual retainer fee does not include flight ticketing.

flight and rail ticketing 

We realize that some of our clients do not like to be bogged down with flight ticketing, and for our best clients, we are glad to provide this service upon request.

  • Frequent flyer flights: $125-150
  • Rail: $50
  • Domestic flights: $50-75
  • International flights: $75-100

All prices are per ticket. Change and rebooking fees will apply. 

cancellation policy

Resort to Laura Madrid, may charge appropriate cancellation fees above and beyond cancellation penalties imposed by our suppliers.

Cancellation policies for the suppliers and vendors I book for you will vary and are separate from any cancellation fee imposed by Resort to Laura Madrid. It is strongly suggested that you consider purchasing trip insurance and we will gladly provide a quote on request.