Laura Madrid has always had an intense passion for travel, people, food, and experiences. Her mother instilled in her a love of travel at a young age when she piloted a five-seater single engine airplane to Costa Rica to start a new life with Laura, Laura’s two brothers, and their Labrador Retriever.

Since then, Laura has lived in Italy, Mexico, and the United Kingdom. Additionally, she's traveled to and experienced over 70 countries and their unique cultures. Given her adventurous childhood, more than 18 years as a sales professional in the luxury hotel industry, and experience escorting her own children around the globe, Laura knows how to plan a trip for anyone. 

Since starting her own travel consulting business in January 2011, Laura has worked tirelessly to surprise and delight her clients.  The company's success continues to grow exponentially thanks to our exceptionally loyal and satisfied clientele. We work virtually 100% on referrals!

Resort to Laura Madrid believes that travel is the only investment that always makes you richer! 

To learn more about Laura, listen here! The Origin Story is a Podcast about ordinary people and the journey that made them who they are today.