A fabulous way to cover a lot of territory, while just unpacking once. Food and wine is spectacular and always included on these exclusive sea-going vessels. Small casinos, fantastic entertainment, and world class spa facilities welcome all guests. Passenger counts range from 100 to 1000 depending on the vessel. 

For small cruising expeditions, we love SeaDream and Ponant, for medium sized vessels Seabourne and SilverSea are the best, and for large ship adventures, we can book you with Crystal Cruises. 



The beauty of river cruising is that vessels take you right through the most important city centers and there is always a view. Frequent stops and no commute to restaurants, shops, and sights make this type of cruising ideal for those that want to be in the thick of it. 

Canal Barge cruising

Hotel barges are former cargo barges that have been extensively renovated and converted into elegant and comfortable passenger vessels that carry between 4-24 passengers (most carry 12 or less). Barging focuses on exploring the idyllic countryside, indulgent cuisine, local wines, leisurely biking along the canal, and being pampered by your fabulous crew. Guests enjoy daily chauffeured, guided excursions, while your English speaking crew specializes in your comfort and wellbeing.

On the canals, barges cruise at 4 miles per hour, where there are no currents. (You can actually walk faster than the barge cruises!) Accommodations range from cozy to lavish and vary in price, and the cruise season is April – October. This is a very upscale way to travel with a group of friends or for a very special family milestone.

We work with over  50 different barge cruises on the canals and rivers of France, England, Holland, Belgium, Ireland, Germany, and Scotland– which one is the best for you? Let us match you to the perfect one!

Expedition cruising

Smaller ships serve more as base camps for exploring the world's waters, with cruises to all seven continents, including the Galapagos, South Pacific, Indian Ocean, Antarctica, Greenland and the Arctic Circle. Besides kayaks (for paddling excursions) and the obligatory Zodiacs, which are used to make landings, ships are equipped with scientific tools like hydrophones (to snoop on marine mammals), underwater cameras and video microscopes.  The clientele is educated and nightly entertainment will include cocktail hour with the ship naturalists.

Private yacht charters

From the Caribbean, to the Adriatic, to the Mediterranean, allow us to present the perfect sleek motor cruiser, sailboat or catamaran, fully staffed with an outstanding chef and friendly, highly qualified captain and crew.